Miniature LoRa sensor


Thingsdata has a LoRa sensor in its portfolio specially designed for a long battery life. The functionality and design have been kept as minimalist as possible, so that the long battery life can be guaranteed. The settings are pre-configured for our back-end and the KPN LoRa network. Geo-location data is generated by the network.

Thanks to bluetooth and the piezo buzzer, it is possible to find assets right down to the last meters. The sensor is suitable for many usage situations. Just to name a few examples: asset tracking, alarm sensor, proximity security detection, ambiance sensor and localization (indoor and outdoor).

LoRa sensor, how does it work?

The sensors include: temperature, humidity, 9-axis accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, barometer, light sensor, tilt sensor, magnetometer and location based on LoRa triangulation. We can combine the features of these sensors to fit any desired project.

In static position, the LoRa sensor sends an uplink (heartbeat) every 60 minutes. When motion or vibration is detected, an uplink is triggered with an ‘in trip’ flag. During continuous motion, the device sends an uplink every 15 minutes. The KPN LoRa network server calculates the position of the device by triangulation of the received signal. Within our portal we visualize this data to show the locations and movement history.

In addition, you can set alerts and alarms for geofences and movements, making the LoRa sensor an excellent and cost-effective LoRa sensor. The water- & dust-proof housing provides protection in all situations. The status and connection of the sensor are communicated via two LED lights. Thanks to the innovative internal antenna, no additional external parts are required. The QR code on the label can be used to activate the device and add it to your administration.

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