Internet continuity & voice access via M2M for your speaking and listening connection

speaking and listening connection

If someone is trapped in a lift in the event of a lift failure, it is legally required that he/she can call for help. Due to the danger of getting stuck in an elevator for a longer period of time, a speaking and listening connection is a necessity.

Speak and listen connection

The obligation of having a speaking and listening connection comes from manufacturing standards that have been around for a long time. Old elevators from before 1999 do not need to have a speaking and listening connection, an alarm signal may suffice. Lifts from 1999 onwards must have a speaking and listening connection and an emergency power supply so that the connection always works. NEN-EN 81-28 has been in place since 2003, which sets additional requirements such as: recognition of the alarm center and filtering whether the alarm message is justified.

Internet and voice via M2M simcards instead of a fixed telephone connection

Back in the days, a fixed telephone line was often used. Today, many speaking and listening connections are no longer made via fixed telephone lines, but via an M2M simcard with internet and speech access. Mobile internet connections are easy to set up, are now reliable and also very affordable. Subscription costs for a fixed telephone line expire and an M2M simcard is sufficient.

The following conditions must be met for the use of a mobile telephone system in an elevator installation.

  • The mobile network must function equivalent to a fixed telephone connection.
  • The signal reception must be sufficient over the entire lifting height of the lift.
  • The system must be permanently operational, in the event of a power failure, operation must be guaranteed for at least one hour.
  • When using an M2M SIM card, this must have an unlimited shelf life and it must be possible to dial in regularly.

Thingsdata supplies secure multi-network M2M simcards that meet all these conditions.

If you do not yet have an M2M subscription for your lift telephone, Thingsdata can take care of this for you. With our secured multi-network M2M simcards that roam on the strongest network and are active 24/7, you can be sure of a working elevator phone. With the Cisco sim management system you can monitor and manage all your simcards on a large scale.

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