Innovative NB-IOT sensor

Innovative NB-IOT sensor

Thingsdata has a standard NB-IOT sensor in its portfolio with many functionalities. The basic version has already been developed and tested and standard has the following options: temperature sensor with a range of -20 to +75 degrees, light sensor, infrared sensor, magnet sensor, accelerometer and air pressure sensor. In addition, the NB-IOT sensor has 1x digital input, 1x analog input.

NB-IOT and energy consumption

The energy consumption is astonishingly low. The sensor can easily last ten years on two AA batteries, depending on the specific use. The advantage lies in collecting valuable IoT data. NB-IOT applications can be used to perform measurements that are strategically interesting for an organization.

We will have the NB-IOT sensor that you need put together after coordination of the wishes and requirements. If you want functionalities that are not mentioned, a custom solution is also possible.

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