High datavolume portfolio of Thingsdata


We hereby highlight our high data volume portfolio (4G & 5G) for applications with a lot of data usage. You can think of the use of 4G & 5G simcards in the maritime sector, outdoor areas, trade fairs & events, surveillance cameras and temporary internet for offices.

KPN IOT NL uses the fast and stable network of KPN. This solution offers various data bundles (pooled) from 25GB to 1000GB and can only be used in the Netherlands. This includes the Cisco sim management system, which gives you grip and control over all simcards.

If you are looking for a solution that can be used in the EU, we have two different solutions for this, namely KPN IOT EU and BLUE IOT.

With KPN IOT EU, data bundles (pooled) are available that go up to 50GB. In the EU you can roam on multiple networks per country by means of multi network simcards. The multi network simcards select the strongest network available and connect to it (redundancy). Again this includes the Cisco sim management system.

At BLUE IOT we can use both data bundles (pooled) and a pay as you go subscription. Thanks to the pay as you go subscription, the exact data usage is settled. The BLUE IOT simcard is also a multi network simcard that roams on the strongest network available.

We take care of monitoring and management for all three solutions. For questions, malfunctions and changes, please contact our support department.

For more questions about our high data volume portfolio, please contact us via telephone number  085-0443500 or by mail to info@thingsdata.nl.