Follow-up for 2G!

Follow-up for 2G!

2G has changed the world, but it is outdated and has its limitations, including security. 2G is guaranteed until 2025, but it is important now to make preparations for the transition to the new world. The successors of 2G, for low bandwidth, are already ready to take over.

2G successors

These successors are NB-IOT and LTE M and are comparable to 2G in terms of functionality and bandwidth. They are based on the LTE network but specifically intended for IoT applications. The successors have combined the efficiency of LTE with low latency, much longer range and lower energy consumption in terms of durability.

We are happy to think together with organizations to see which successor is most suitable, NB-IOT or LTE M. There is also the option of a choice in which there is both the assurance that both NB-IOT or LTE M can be used with 2G as fallback.

2G is no longer future-proof. Let’s shape the transition together?

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