Continuity and guarantee of internet access, always connected!

Our M2M simcards work all over the world, in 196 countries and on more than 500+ networks, so your devices always stay connected.

Our M2M simcards are not tied to a single network and will roam between multiple networks. This means that if a particular network in a particular location has poor coverage, your M2M simcard will automatically switch to another network to keep your devices connected.

M2M continuity and guarantee

For example, if a GPS tracker moves through Germany or France, the GPS tracker will encounter “black spots” or locations where a particular network has no coverage. In such a situation, standard simcards that use only one network would lose the connection and thus be unable to send GPS tracking information. This does not happen with our M2M simcards because it switches to another network.

Another advantage of using an M2M simcard with multiple networks is that you are not locked into one network. Instead, they always connect to the strongest network available in that area. This network roaming capability means you won’t lose any signal.

Depending on which multi-network M2M solution you choose, you can use your multi-network (roaming) M2M simcards to open some networks or even gain access to all networks. Thingsdata can provide roaming services in 196 countries over 500+ networks worldwide.

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