Always have internet access with a 4G simcard as a backup!

4G simcard as backup

A fast and stable internet connection is indispensable for any organization. When the internet connection does not function properly or even drops out once, then this can be very bothersome. Outages can lead to damage or even loss of reputation. Thingsdata offers secured multi-network 4G simcards for this to guarantee continuity of internet access and to prevent failure (failover).

4G backup

The need for reliable 4G backup internet access is growing enormously. In the recent past, many organizations often invested in a second fixed internet connection. Currently, more and more people are opting for a 4G backup solution. With the Thingsdata secured multi-network 4G backup simcards, it is no longer necessary to request a second fixed internet connection. Our flexible solution is easy to install, cost-effective in the sense that it is a “pay when use model” and can be canceled per month.

The secured multi-network 4G backup simcards are easy to implement and in the event of a failure of the fixed internet connection. The 4G backup router ensures continuity of internet access, by means of the secured M2M simcard that works on the basis of three networks in the Netherlands for maximum mobile coverage. Thus, it is highly reliable as failover because it is a redundant solution. The organization can thus continue to work undisturbed. Payment is only made for the actual data usage, so there are no high monthly fixed costs. When the malfunction of the fixed internet connection is over, the router switches back automatically.

Our secured multi-network 4G backup solution is widely used on the one hand at cash register systems, payment terminals and mobile pin terminals and on the other hand at the office and retail environments as a backup of the primary internet connection.

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