Advantages of industrial 4G routers

Advantages of industrial 4G routers

With download speeds of 150 Mb per second, the introduction of 4G has changed the way we communicate with each other. In many verticals, organizations can reap the benefits of these industrial 4G routers for independent internet access. We list the advantages.

A 4G router can offer a wired or WiFi internet connection in a location where no fixed internet connection is possible. PLCs, cameras, PCs or sensors can be connected to the 4G router.

In locations where there is a fixed internet connection, the 4G router can be set up in such a way that in the event of a malfunction, it switches to the 4G network (secured multi-network M2M simcard with 4G).


ADSL is an outdated technology that will gradually be phased out. A 4G router is an ideal replacement for the ADSL connection. Digging a cable for an internet connection is also often an expensive affair. In addition, applying for a permit and final approval can take a lot of time. In these cases, a 4G router is a lot cheaper and can be delivered immediately.

An industrial 4G router can also be used in trucks, busses, trains and boats. In addition, a separate WiFi network can be created for passengers.

4G routers are relatively inexpensive, can be delivered quickly and offer sophisticated options for providing service. This makes them suitable for use in various verticals: industry, agriculture and the transport sector.

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