097 numbers for IOT ‘devices’

Why 097 numbers instead of 06 numbers? More and more installations, equipment and sensors are getting a simcard with a telephone number. There are not enough 06 numbers in the Netherlands for all ‘devices’ with a simcard. 10-digit 06 numbers are user-friendly and recognizable. They must therefore remain available for people who call.

Why 097 number?

The 097 telephone numbers were therefore put into use because there was a threat of a shortage of 06 numbers. In recent years, the issuance of these 097 numbers has increased extremely. After a number of stable years, around 28 million had been issued and in use in 2019. An increase of 6 million compared to 2018.

097 numbers are used for IoT data applications. For example with navigation systems, payment terminals or dongles for mobile internet. This data traffic is called machine-to-machine (M2M). The 097 numbers always have 12 digits.

The issue rate is now about 25%. Fortunately, there are still enough 097 numbers available. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets is keeping an eye on the increase in order to prevent a possible shortage in the future.

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