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  • Data bundle (unpooled)
  • Network spectrum 4G/4G+/4G++/5G
  • Low rates worldwide
  • No purchase obligation
  • No activation costs
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Features 4G & 5G - Thingsdata BLACK IOT


4G is the faster and more stable successor to 3G. Fast 4G connections ensure that all kinds of devices can access the internet effortlessly and without hitches in the background. 4G can handle large amounts of data, including high speed and throughput.

5G is the 5th generation of mobile internet. And the successor to 4G. One of the biggest improvements is the low latency. Even in crowded places, such as in stadiums or at festivals. But 5G goes further, 5G is also becoming important in the verticals of security, healthcare and agriculture where a fast response time is of great importance.


  • Data bundle (unpooled)
  • Network spectrum 4G/4G+/4G++/5G
  • Low rates worldwide
  • No purchase obligation
  • No activation costs

Contractual terms

  • No activation costs
  • Activation after 365 days
  • Active for at least 6 months
  • Duration at least 6 months

Sim management system

IoT applications often involve monitoring and managing a few tens to thousands of simcards. A sim management system gives you a grip on the continuity of the mobile internet access of your sim cards, and on the data consumption. Via a sim management system you can easily and realtime monitor and manage all IoT connections. You also have a direct overview of all features that are linked to an individual simcard and you can fully automate many processes.

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Data bundle (unpooled)


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Frequently asked questions about 4G & 5G - BLACK IOT

What is a data bundle unpooled subscription?

A data bundle unpooled subscription is a construction in which an individual active simcard has a data bundle that cannot be shared.

Explanation of contractual conditions?

When Thingsdata and you as a customer enter into a commitment, this is recorded in an agreement / contract. The contractual liability is then established, so that both parties can always find out what one can expect from each other. Contractual conditions that we as Thingsdata include depending on the specific product or service are: activation costs, activation period, minimum period active on the network, flexibility in the sense of scaling down, duration, purchase obligation, adaptability.

What is overage?

Overage means that the data usage of your subscription exceeds the limit of the data bundle or pool. If the data of the data bundle or pool has been exceeded, an out-of-bundle rate, also known as overage, applies for every extra MB that you consume.

What are the payment terms?

What is a form factor?

Thingsdata offers different sizes of simcards. The capabilities of each simcard (form factor) are the same, but they each have different dimensions, making them suitable for specific types of devices.
  • 2FF (Mini): 25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm
  • 3FF (Micro): 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm
  • 4FF (Nano): 12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm
  • 3:1 simcard
  • MFF2 (embedded): 5mm x 6 mm x 1mm

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times depend on each product or service. Look at ''your choice'' how long it takes before your product or service is delivered. In principle, the delivery times are one to two working days.

Why a direct debit?

Direct debit is the payment method that Thingsdata uses, whereby we are authorized by the customer to have money debited from his bank account. Thingsdata uses this authorization in connection with the fact that it concerns subscription fees, periodic data consumption, the number of active subscriptions per calendar month can differ and overage can arise. You will still receive an invoice for inspection and verification.