Thingsdata welcomes Demi Loor

Demi Jochem Sergio

Introducing: Demi Loor started as a new team member at Thingsdata in the position of Business Support employee.

Last September 1, Demi Loor started at ThingsData. Demi is 21 years old and lives in Weesp and started as an intern Business Support employee. Her ambitions for the next six months are to obtain her diploma and to master the activities of the Business Support employee position. The position that Demi will hold includes customer contact, support activities and monitoring and managing devices of the IoT connectivity.

Who is Thingsdata?

Thingsdata has been around since 2015 and has grown very fast in the last two years due to the further professionalization of the IoT field and the increasing demand from the market. With Thingsdata as a partner, organizations can break free from traditional business models or processes and modernize by deploying innovative IoT technologies. The basis for Thingsdata is formed by offering continuity and guarantee with IoT connectivity forms such as M2M, LTE M, NB-IoT and LoRa. This involves intensive collaboration with a dynamic and innovative partner ecosystem. We at Thingsdata are very pleased that  Demi has joined us in order to steer the expected growth in the right direction in the coming years.

Demi: “I look forward to the coming period with enthusiasm, with a great team at a great company.”

Yours sincerely,

Management Sergio Römer & Jochem Koppes