Teltonika TRB255


The Teltonika TRB255 is a compact LTE Cat M1 / ​​NB-IOT Cat M1 gateway, specially designed for IoT applications within the industrial environment. The TRB255 gateway can remotely monitor & manage multiple devices (installations and equipment) simultaneously.

The TRB255 gateway has a wide variety of hardware and software features: LTE Cat M1, NB-IOT Cat M1, SMS control, firewall, open VPN and IP-SEC. The TRB255 gateway is backward compatible with 2G networks. This gives the option to upgrade existing devices and it also ensures that when the 2G network is switched off, your installations and equipment are accessible with the support of the new IoT connectivity forms: LTE Cat M1 or NB-IOT Cat M1. The compact design of this gateway makes it perfect for applications that require a reliable internet connection with a guarantee of continuity and high uptime.


The LTE M Cat M1 network has been specially developed for IoT applications and is based on the reliable and secure 4G networks of the providers. The network coverage is stronger than a 2G network and has a deeper penetration rate in buildings. LTE M Cat M1 provides fast data transmission in an energy-efficient manner and is suitable for various applications that now work with 2G. From the amount of orders for the Teltonika TRB255, we see that the LTE M Cat M1 network is increasingly being chosen. The fact that the network is being used more and more is partly because its availability is growing enormously in Europe. The network has been available for a long time in the Netherlands and Belgium. In Belgium via Orange and in the Netherlands via the networks of Vodafone and KPN.

The Teltonika TRB225 gateway is compatible with the RMS (Remote Management System). The RMS is Teltonika’s cloud IoT platform designed for monitoring & management. The LTE M Cat M1 simcards are also managed in an advanced sim management system. In this system you can, among other things, see which simcard uses which network. In addition, you can set automation rules to easily monitor the simcards and make changes where necessary.

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