IOT sim subscription forms

If you want to implement your IoT solution as an organization, it is important that you have a flexible and affordable subscription. There is a wide variety of subscriptions, in this article we will explain which types of sim subscriptions we use at Thingsdata.

What subscription types are there?

Thingsdata has competitive rates in all countries around the world and offers different subscription forms: data bundle (pooled) / (unpooled), pay as you go (unpooled) and staggered construction (unpooled). Plus, you can mix and match variants based on your business needs.

What is a data bundle pooled subscription?

A data bundle pooled subscription is a construction in which all active simcards with an equivalent data bundle amount are added together and form one pool. The pool is divisible between all active simcards. For example, all available data from the bundles of all active simcards will first be used. To clarify: each simcard has a fixed price per month and is allocated a fixed number of MBs. The mutual more and less data use is interchangeable (pooled).

What is a data bundle unpooled subscription?

A data bundle unpooled subscription is a construction in which an individual active simcard has a data bundle that cannot be shared.

What is a pay as you go subscription?

A pay as you go subscription is an individual subscription where you pay what one active simcard uses in data per month. A fixed starting rate per month is used and the data consumption is charged per MB per month. To clarify: each simcard has a fixed price per month (monthly access fee) and a price per MB for data usage.

What is a scale structure unpooled?

With a scale construction, the price that must be determined per subscription depends on the quantity that is purchased. Each individual SIM card has a variable price per month based on a graduated scale (the more data consumption, the lower the price per MB).

With these options, your organization can save money and keep costly overages to a minimum, so there are no surprises when the monthly bill arrives. For more information, please contact us via telephone number 085-0443500 or by e-mail to