Case: NIKO

Doormiddel van beveiligde multinetwerk M2M-simkaarten die roamen op alle netwerken hebben de woningen die worden voorzien met een IOT gateway een onafhankelijke internet toegang en connectie met de cloud.

IOT infrastructure for zero on the meter homes

NIKO is a Belgian high-tech player and specialized in, among other things, the application of energy management with its own developed IoT gateway for zero on the meter homes (NOM) homes. They have an IoT one stop shop solution with sensors, gateway, portal and app for the housing corporation sector in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

By means of secure multi-network M2M SIM cards that roam on all networks, the homes that are provided with this IoT gateway have independent stable internet access and we provide a stable connection with the NIKO cloud, even in rural areas in the Netherlands. The intelligent energy management system offers real-time insight into energy consumption, full control over all energy flows (including gas, electricity, water and HVAC systems) and one central platform to monitor and manage multiple sites.

By increasing the efficiency of solar panels and other energy systems, we not only reduce our carbon footprint, but it also saves money. Maximizing the use of self-generated power by actively managing devices and/or machines in a NOM home. It prioritizes certain activities while the sun is shining and postpones others when not. Simple and automatic.

At NIKO it is essential that they can guarantee the continuity of the ‘data as a service’. Thingsdata provides the stable internet access to guarantee this service